The Leaderboard Myth

Take a close look on the release of the FUT 18 Web App! What you will see is pure magic!


Why? Because you will see dozens of gamer who already got a very big amount of FIFA 18 coins, but the game didn’t even release. Some people say “Oh, there are quite a few people who receive the game earlier. Like famous Lets Player, professional football player or any other people who are doing commercials!”. Yes, that is absolutely true. The question is are this people able to play online? Are they able to find opponents online? Is it possible to trade that much, when there are only a few people in possession of the actual game? I don’t think so.

FIFA Ultimate Team is available since FIFA 09, starting with an add-on and developing to the most important and popular part of this game. Every year it is the same old song. If you are a huge fan of the game as well, I am sure you already noticed how some people literally got millions of coins at the release of this game. They are not only extremely lucky to have that much items, but also they have a big advantage among the other player. Right to the beginning they can simply buy all the expensive player from the transfer market and decide the price by listing the player again. You know how it works. Right after the beginning the chance to see a Ronaldo or Messi on the transfer market is extremely low. If one single guy is able to buy him and then resell him for the double price it would be a perfect deal.


It is extremely important for you to know you are also able to get as much free FIFA 18 coins and points as you want on your account. There are always ways to hack or cheat FIFA 18 UT. It worked in the previous versions and it also works no. Nothing changed. When you think it is a good idea to get coins only by playing matches or trading I have to disappoint you. The most gamer are using tools like the FIFA 18 coin generator these days. It makes it much easier to compete in competitions like the Weekend League or other tournaments. 

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