Tipps & Tricks for FUT 18

There are several ways to get more coins on FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, but only two ways to get also points. In this article I would like to tell you how you can get free coins on FIFA 18 and also how you can get points.

Let me start with FUT 18 coins:

Basically the same ways as on FUT 11-17. You can get them by trading on the transfer market, selling useless player and other items of your team. Another way is to get coins by playing matches and winning tournaments or the season. Everyone knows these methods and they are fundamental. Unfortunately these methods won’t bring you lots of coins. For example when you are only playing matches you have to think about other costs like contracts and fitness. So better calculate on how much coins you are actually getting. The most time this ways are very time consuming. Means you have to spend lots of time for trading or playing matches and the outcome is just below average. Not really a good deal for you.

I don’t need to mention how essential good player and lots of coins are in the game right? You basically need a huge amount of coins in order to be successful on this game. Check all the eSports guys and other player who are playing on the Weekend League. Every single one of them got an awesome team. Not only in-form, but also TOTS, TOTY and so on. Yes, the player can really make a huge difference when it comes to gameplay. It makes a big difference if you got Manuel Neuer, De Gea or Curtious in your goal. An average goalkeeper will never be so good like them.

Now lets talk about points. In a legit way you can only get them by buying them for real money. Many gamer, especially young gamer are doing this. The problem with points is you can only use them to buy FUT draft token and packs. In packs you will mostly get average player and items like contracts or fitness. Not a good deal too, huh?

Why not getting free FIFA 18 points and coins then? Get them on your PC, Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo Switch. If you are using a FIFA 18 coin generator you can simply generate free FIFA 18 coins and points. You never need to spend lots of time again and you don’t need to spend real money again. Get them by hacking FIFA 18. It is by far the easiest solution. Smart gamer are using a FIFA 18 hack to build a successful team.

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