iOS 6 Features Tweeting And Updating Facebook From Notification Center

by Abdelrahman Mohamed on June 11, 2012

So now and after the WWDC 2012 event is over there is a lot of things that we must know it before someone upgrade his device to iOS 6. One of the most important features that have been announced in the event was that iOS 6 will gives you the ability to tweet and update your Facebook profile from your iPhone’s notification center which makes it easier for you to share and tweet things..

In my opinion this is a great feature for both Facebook and Twitter users.. Because before this feature users are had to open Twitter from their iPhone and tweet, so it looks like it is a routine thing.. But this feature will makes it easier for you to use Facebook and Twitter..

And for those guys who are using Jailbreak it is not a new feature.. Too many jailbreak tweaks can do the same feature that it exist in iOS 6. So what do you think about this feature, do you think it is useful or not ?!

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  • R.I.P

    it seems they out of money ,so they’ve converted to marketing Facebook and twitter ..  
    it’s such a ridicules thing they making right now .. really I miss Steve Jobs..

  • Guest

    Did you review what you had typed before you published it? 

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