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The ultimate guide for the free FIFA 18 points and coins

FIFA is nothing but a video game that was developed based on the real world football game and it provides the number of services like selection of team members, formation of the team and goals. The FIFA is the only starting point for the soccer game but now the latest version of the FIFA is FIFA 18 which is also a soccer game and this FIFA 18 contains some additional functionalities and the unique characteristics that are normally found on the FIFA. The FIFA 18 increases the physical contact because it is played by two types of the modes such as.

  • Single player mode
  • Multi player mode


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If the player chooses the multi player mode then the player must have 16 members for playing the game and those members are called as the team members. The team captain is the important role among the team members because only the team captain has the power to choose the players or members for the team and he can order all other players in the team.

After the formation of the team the each players can communicate with each other through the message passing so that it will increase the communication and creates the good relationship among the each players. This relationship makes the team members to have the better co-ordination with each other and this will make them to achieve their goal and score high points than opponent team members.

Additional features added in the FIFA 18

The FIFA 18 was developed by the European sports in the motive of giving a reality effect in 3D view so that the users like to play the game within the reality environment thinking that they are playing the football game in the real football court. But the FIFA 18 has one disadvantage namely limited coins and points and to overcome from this problem they can developed and introduced a mechanism called FIFA 18 hack which is a online hacking tool. This online hacking tool provides you the unlimited free FIFA 18 coins and points with the help of the FIFA 18 coin generator you can generate unlimited coins and points that you need. The following are the some of the features of the FIFA 18 coins hack. They are

  • It provides the 24 hours customer service for the service without any interruption
  • It makes the daily updates for making the hack to work better
  • It works on all the devices just you need to have the internet connectivity

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You can use this hacking tool at anywhere in anytime just you need to have the FIFA 18 account and provide the username and specify the amount of the coins and points you need. Then click the coin generator button your requested coins will be credited to your FIFA account. The FIFA 18 coins hack and generator will work in all kinds of the smart phone, Tablet, PC and Play station where it provides the high safety for all the users or players.

About the Online Generator

About the FIFA 18 online coin generator

If you are the old user of the FIFA game then you will be having a team of players and for every year you want to pay more money for the team again and again this is because the set of players you have created in the FIFA 16 will be gone and with the help of online hack generator you can buy the FIFA points. If you form the best team of players then the FUT champions cup is yours in which you can also generate the free FIFA 18 coins and points directly to your XBL, PC or PSN account with the help of the FIFA 18 coin generator tool. When it comes to the free points and coins on the FIFA ultimate team then FUT 18 coin generator tool will be the best choice for generating the points and coins at free of cost.

When you want more coins for purchasing the efficient players for your team or to power up their skills then you need to spend lots of your money in order to solve this problem the FIFA 18 ultimate team has developed the FIFA 18 coins hack tool. The FIFA 18 ultimate game includes numerous amounts of the exciting players like coaches, player contract cards, kit, fitness, and stadiums and in addition to this new features and the players are also included in the FIFA 18 online game. The FIFA 18 cheats, hack and generator will give you the required amount of the free FIFA 18 coins and also the points within the few seconds without making any delay and in order to dominate this FIFA 18 game each and every player should make use of the FUT 18 coins hack tool. When you use this tool it makes things easier like generating unlimited coins and points in few seconds.

Use of the FIFA 18 online coins hack

When you hear about the coins and the points hack FIFA 18 it means that you can generate unlimited coins and points to your gaming account very easily without risking any ban moreover it will take only few seconds for generating this coins and points.

  • No risk of getting banned in the FIFA game
  • It supports mobile device, Tablet and PC
  • It provides 24/7 live support to the customers
  • You no need to wait for long time to get the items
  • It provides Anti-Ban security to protect the user account information

FIFA 18 online coin generator helps you to enjoy your game play without spending too much of money and time on it. It just asks your FUT 18 username and password along with the amount of the free FIFA 18 points and coins that you want to get generated by using the FIFA 18 coin generator after that you need to click the generate button. After few seconds your requested amount of coins will be added to your FIFA 18 account which you can use to buy the new players for your team.


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FUT 18 Coin Generator 100% success rate

Success – Get free FIFA 18 coins and points on Xbox, PlayStation, PC and Switch


After many hours of developing and tests we finally did it! We created a full working FIFA 18 UT Coin Generator for people all over the world. Here is a list of the features for you to know what to expect:

  • Add infinite free FIFA 18 coins and points to your Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, PC, iOS, Android and Nintendo account
  • Access the FUT 18 online generator from all over the world – no matter where you come from
  • Stable server in almost every region of the earth
  • Daily updates and improvements
  • Anti-ban protection on all consoles and platforms
  • You are fully anonymous, no one will figure out your IP, location or username
  • You don’t need to provide your e-mail address, password or security question
  • Coins and points will be transferred within 5 minutes on your account
  • Use the coins and points how you like it in the game (for example FUT draft, packs or transfer market)

This are only a few features of the brand new FIFA 18 hack, which will be available on here right after the release of the new FUT 18 web app on the official EA website.

Endless hours of gaming and trading are over!

From now on you never need to spend lots of hours just for trading player on the transfer market. So far it was the only decent way on how to get lots of coins on FIFA Ultimate Team, but this time is over. EA made it much harder with the price range and every year it gets even harder for people to get a good amount of coins on their account. Buying them becomes almost impossible in these days as well. There are not many alternatives. The FUT 18 coins and points hack is the best working method so far, when it comes to cheating on FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. We tested it several times. We gave random people access to the coins hack and everyone was stunned on how smoothly it works. Run it on your Mac, Windows PC, console, smartphone or tablet and within a few seconds and steps you will achieve what many gamer are dreaming about.

FIFA 18 points are a rip-off

If you are still buying FUT 18 points with your real money you didn’t pass the IQ test. No matter how much money you spend on it, you are very likely to get lots of player contracts, manager contracts, badges, kits, fitness cards, coaches and of course countless average player. It is not a good deal for you. Better keep your real money and buy yourself something meaningful. Why? Because you can simply generate free FIFA 18 points. Do it like the greatest player. Nobody is going to spend money for items anymore. Everyone is looking for ways on how to hack and cheat FIFA 18 UT. I am sure you also looked for a way, that’s why you are on this website. Go ahead, use the FIFA 18 hack and you won’t regret it. It is working perfectly so far.


Download or Online Generator?

Whether you are playing on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC or any smartphone and tablet: You don’t need to download any file to use the FIFA 18 hack. It is not necessary to use one. For a few years gamer were developing online generator, so that everyone is able to use them directly from their own PC, smartphone or tablet.

The advantages of this generator are:

  • You don’t need to download any file
  • No fear of downloading any malware
  • It protects you with proxies
  • It saves absolutely no data
  • You can use it as often as you want

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There is one even more important thing that you should know about:

No one will ever ask you to give away your password, security question or e-mail address.

Now you might think:”Oh, but thats pretty normal” – no, as you might see on the official FIFA Ultimate Team page on Facebook there are many scammer who want you to give them your e-mail address, password or security question. They are promising you to duplicate your FUT 18 player, giving free gifts on FUT 18 or to send you FIFA 18 coins for free. Don’t fall for this. Never ever give someone your password – keep this in mind.

If you are looking for a way on how to hack FIFA 18 Ultimate Team you should consider using the FIFA 18 coin generator. It won’t only give you free FIFA 18 coins, but it will also protect your PSN, Xbox Live or PC account. Protection is the most important thing many people often forget about. Why all the coins and points, if your account is not save? Better use a FIFA 18 coin generator, which actually protects your account by using proxies or other tools to keep your data anonymous. You don’t want your account to be suspended. So far we have never heard of someone who used FIFA 18 cheats or hacks on this website and their account got blocked. We are protecting the people’s account simply by hiding all their information. No one will ever see your IP, your username or the amount of free FIFA 18 coins and points you generated to your PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch. Its easy as that.

Don’t be afraid to use a FIFA 18 coins hack!

Even if you feel afraid, you can simply try it with a second account first. Register a second account and generate as much coins and points as you want on it. Then check how long it will be alive. If you are using our tool you can be sure it will be alive forever. There is absolutely no way for EA to find out someone used our FIFA 18 hack

Tipps & Tricks for FUT 18

There are several ways to get more coins on FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, but only two ways to get also points. In this article I would like to tell you how you can get free coins on FIFA 18 and also how you can get points.

Let me start with FUT 18 coins:

Basically the same ways as on FUT 11-17. You can get them by trading on the transfer market, selling useless player and other items of your team. Another way is to get coins by playing matches and winning tournaments or the season. Everyone knows these methods and they are fundamental. Unfortunately these methods won’t bring you lots of coins. For example when you are only playing matches you have to think about other costs like contracts and fitness. So better calculate on how much coins you are actually getting. The most time this ways are very time consuming. Means you have to spend lots of time for trading or playing matches and the outcome is just below average. Not really a good deal for you.

I don’t need to mention how essential good player and lots of coins are in the game right? You basically need a huge amount of coins in order to be successful on this game. Check all the eSports guys and other player who are playing on the Weekend League. Every single one of them got an awesome team. Not only in-form, but also TOTS, TOTY and so on. Yes, the player can really make a huge difference when it comes to gameplay. It makes a big difference if you got Manuel Neuer, De Gea or Curtious in your goal. An average goalkeeper will never be so good like them.

Now lets talk about points. In a legit way you can only get them by buying them for real money. Many gamer, especially young gamer are doing this. The problem with points is you can only use them to buy FUT draft token and packs. In packs you will mostly get average player and items like contracts or fitness. Not a good deal too, huh?

Why not getting free FIFA 18 points and coins then? Get them on your PC, Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo Switch. If you are using a FIFA 18 coin generator you can simply generate free FIFA 18 coins and points. You never need to spend lots of time again and you don’t need to spend real money again. Get them by hacking FIFA 18. It is by far the easiest solution. Smart gamer are using a FIFA 18 hack to build a successful team.

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The Leaderboard Myth

Take a close look on the release of the FUT 18 Web App! What you will see is pure magic!


Why? Because you will see dozens of gamer who already got a very big amount of FIFA 18 coins, but the game didn’t even release. Some people say “Oh, there are quite a few people who receive the game earlier. Like famous Lets Player, professional football player or any other people who are doing commercials!”. Yes, that is absolutely true. The question is are this people able to play online? Are they able to find opponents online? Is it possible to trade that much, when there are only a few people in possession of the actual game? I don’t think so.

FIFA Ultimate Team is available since FIFA 09, starting with an add-on and developing to the most important and popular part of this game. Every year it is the same old song. If you are a huge fan of the game as well, I am sure you already noticed how some people literally got millions of coins at the release of this game. They are not only extremely lucky to have that much items, but also they have a big advantage among the other player. Right to the beginning they can simply buy all the expensive player from the transfer market and decide the price by listing the player again. You know how it works. Right after the beginning the chance to see a Ronaldo or Messi on the transfer market is extremely low. If one single guy is able to buy him and then resell him for the double price it would be a perfect deal.


It is extremely important for you to know you are also able to get as much free FIFA 18 coins and points as you want on your account. There are always ways to hack or cheat FIFA 18 UT. It worked in the previous versions and it also works no. Nothing changed. When you think it is a good idea to get coins only by playing matches or trading I have to disappoint you. The most gamer are using tools like the FIFA 18 coin generator these days. It makes it much easier to compete in competitions like the Weekend League or other tournaments.