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by Abdelrahman Mohamed on June 5, 2012

Hello everyone.. Everyday there is a hundreds of apps that hit the App Store some of them are free and the other is not.. But I know that there is some people who don’t love to pay for the apps so in my opinion they go to the illegal ways which is installing some apps from Cydia which gives you the ability to install any app for free and here comes Installous the best app for the App Store :) ..Right now the developer behind the app has just upgraded it to Installous 5 which gives you more features and power, fast download..

Installous gives you what everyone wants.. You can easily download any app you want and I meant it any app without needing to pay for it, but really I am sad that developers are using their powers in bad things.. Because making such an app like Installous will not allow developers to make any app as they will not earn money anymore because of this app..

Well anyway if you are interested in this tweak you can install it from Cydia for free but remember you should have this repo on Cydia:


Here’s what is new in Installous 5:

Added BitTorrent download support
Support for iOS 5 notifications
Better filehost compatibility
Bug-fixes and optimization

Enjoy all and have a nice day..

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  • McDKhan

    I couldn’t install:
    Hash sum mismatch !!

    • Ultrasn0wCa

      Yes I have the same error.. I can’t install Installous 5 because of this error.. That’s bad :(

    • Amanda

      you have to keep trying to re-install its something to do with people bashing the servers.we had same problem with daughter but after 2 days of constant downloading it evertually worked

  • McDKhan

    Second try:
    PISIX: Socket is not connected

  • matchotim112

    after eight times of trying. and after re-jailbreaking my iPod it finally installed!!!

  • Gizzerr

    I installed it days ago no problem

  • shazam

    same issue here.. have tried to install this about 10 times already. 

  • Amanda

    cant download many apps due to the link of apps it just dnt download from links only from magnet?

    • Baran

      The same here.. On the ipad 3 only apps from magnet can be downloaded, the rest shows blank screen. But it is working on the iphone 4s ok. Do we know what to do? Reintall did not help..

  • Ethan Samuel

    I had tried this new down load Installous 5 for my iPad and New Installous 5 should provide good supported file host compatibility, support iOS notification and bug-fix optimization. So it’s a positive experience.

  • Gokulsivakasi96

    File is downloaded but cant install it due to some thing it says as not prpr .ipa

  • bagr

    it only allows me to download magnets on my ipad but on iphone 4s it worx like charm

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