How To Downgrade From iOS 6 To 5.1.1 (Without SHSH Blobs Saved)

by Abdelrahman Mohamed on December 27, 2012

Hello my dear user, we all know how the Jailbreak progress is facing a lot of problems especially in Apple’s latest firmwares (iOS 6), and maybe the untethered jailbreak for iOS 6 will be taking a long time to reach on Apple’s devices. We had a great hope in the Dream Jailbreak which said to give us an Untethered jailbreak for iOS 6 but we have found it is fake.. But now and if you are on iOS 6 and wondering how to downgrade to iOS 5.1.1 to enjoy untethered jailbreak but you are afraid you can’t because you haven’t saved your SHSHS blobs ? Well don’t worry we have got for you a solution and we hope it works with you…

NOTE: This guide is only compatible with iPhone 4/iPhone 3GS/iPod Touch 4G and iPad 3/2…. This is a very easy way to downgrade from iOS 6 back to 5.1.1 without needing to have SHSHS blobs saved on your computer…

STEP 1: Download iOS 5.1.1 for iPhone/iPad and iPod Touch.

STEP 2: Download Redsn0w 0.9.15b1 for Mac/PC users (As This version features restoring ability).

STEP 3: You should have already Tethered Jailbroken iOS 6, here’s how

STEP 4: Now and after you have jailbroken your iPhone on iOS 6, run Redsn0w 0.9.15b1 and go to “Extras”—–> “Even More”—->”Restore” and then browse your 5.1.1 IPSW.

STEP 5: Now you will have to put your device into DFU mode.. Just follow Redsn0w instruction at the Jailbreak section..

STEP 6: After you put your device in DFU mode go again to “Extras”—>”Even More”—> “Remote”.

STEP 7: Now Redsn0w will automatically find your SHSH blobs in Cydia, you will have to wait about five minutes…

That’s it you are done and I really hope it worked with you… Also don’t forget to check out this useful video for how to downgrade to 5.1.1 without needing SHSH blobs saved on your computer:

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  • Zibusiso Vusumuzi

    does this work even if u didnt have iOS 5.1.1 on your device before…

    • Scootie

      Well it does say:
      (Without SHSH Blobs Saved)
      so it should work. Can’t wait to get home …

    • Ultrasn0w

      Yes it works.. Also watch the video it will help you..

      • vick

        the video says make sure you jailbroken ur ios 5.1.1bfore but the prob is i havent jailbroke my iphone to ios 5.1.1 so now i hope it work

      • vick

        but the video says make sure u have jailbroken ur iphone to ios 5.1.1 bfore but i havent yet jailbroken mine to ios 5.1.1 n i stuck in ios 6 so can i downgrade it without jailbreak bfore??? thank

      • Zibusiso Vusumuzi

        i am going to try it now will get back to u

    • vick

      we hoav same answer dude bcoz i havent jailbreak my iphone to iOS 5.1.1 bfore but lets try

  • Ng Thengwei

    Can i get my jailbroken iPad 2 from iOS 4.3.3 to iOS 5.1.1 with this method ?

    • Ultrasn0w

      No u can’t I am sorry

  • Balaji

    Will it work on iPhone 4S running on 6.0.1?

    • Ultrasn0w

      Look Balaji, I have tried it on iOS 6, to be honest with you I don’t know if it will work on iOS 6.0.1/iOS 6.1.. Maybe u can give it a try on your response.

      • Alex Oggy

        how about iphone 4 ios 6.0.1 ? is it work or not?

  • stevob21

    This will only work if you have had a jail broke device on tha certain iOS version as cydia automatically stores your blobs though that will rarely happen if you get cydia after apple has upgraded and stopped the shsh server for the older iOS

  • Rodtney Hererra

    i have a jailbroken ipod touch 4g on 4.3.2, was thinking of updating and jailbreak to 5.1.1 is it possible?

  • Gurpreen

    Does it support ipad 2??

  • UnlockBoot

    :D yes, but redsn0w use SHSH blobs from cydia :D

  • Jeremy

    Can anyone confirm if this will work if you have never updated to
    5.1.1 before or if you did have 5.1.1 but without any jailbreak on that

    I want to make sure I am not upgrading to 6.0.1 only to
    see that I can’t downgrade to 5.1.1 because I never had a time on my
    device where I had 5.1.1 which was jailbroken.

    • Zibusiso Vusumuzi

      this seems not to work if you have never had a jailbroken iOS 5.1.1 running on your device

  • Fernando Braga

    I have an iphone 4 running on 4.1!
    Can I ‘jump’ to 5.1.1 using this guide?

    • anthony

      you can most likely just download the ipsw for ios 5.1.1 and got to itunes hold down shift and restore with the ios 5.1.1 ipsw u downloaded :)

  • dropcalll

    damn.. the video says. before u must jailbroken at ios 5.1.1 so if you never got jailbroken on 5.1.1 u cant downgrade… same thing like bullshit…..

    • vick

      true buddy if i jailbroken my iphone bfore to ios 5.1.1 tjhen i can use tiny umbrela to downgrade but the prob i havent jailbroke my iphone bfore

  • Johnny

    This won’t work for iPad 2 or 3 there isn’t even a tethered jailbreak available for them or iPhone 4S so there is no way to downgrade them this article should only say iPod touch 4 and iPhone 4

  • Akshay

    It doesn’t work! I tried restoring by this redsnow but while searching for the blobs on cydia server it says no blobs are available !

  • Dareuk

    I’ve got a iPad 2 on 6.0 never jail broken can I still down grade to 5.1.1 to jail break?

  • Major Musso

    Does not work if you have not 5.1.1 jailbreak

  • Pras Anand

    Thanks, it works on iPhone 4 – already tried it – doesn’t work on 4s (as stated, I just wanted to share for anyone else asking the same old question)

    • vick

      did u jailbreak it bfore to ios 5.1.1??? coz mine comes with ios 6.0

      • Pras Anand

        no I just went back to 5.1.1 without jailbreaking 6.0 if I remember right, maybe it was jailbroken though but the blobs were saved already from 5.1.1 luckily (the title is misleading)

  • Muhamed

    I’m using ipad 3 ios 6.0.. Before this I’ve jailbrake 5.1.1, n upgrade to this 6.0.. Are confirm that i can downgrade without the shsh saved? If can, thanks a lot!

    • Muhamed

      Also, can ipad 3 ios 6.0 be tethered jailbreak? How?

  • rahul

    will it work on those iphone 4 which comes with ios 6…

  • J Private Dev

    Get rid of the “Without SHSH Blobs”. It totally uses SHSH Blobs the same way its always been (for the most part).

    • Aalaap Ghag

      Agree. I’m sick of posts like these.

    • Bilbo Baggins

      Yes, it does us
      SHSH blobs.This down grade is if you did not manually save your SHSH blobs.
      These blobs are from Cydia not from your your computer. If you had manually
      saved your SHSH blobs you would use those blobs instead of the ones from Cydia.
      I was on 4.3.3 and upgraded to 6.0.1 and was able to restore to 5.1.1 using
      this on my Iphone 4. If your phone came with 6.0.1 and has never been jailbroke
      this will not work as you do not have any SHSH blobs to retrieve from Cydia. If
      your phone has been jailbroken before and this didn’t work for you I don’t know
      what to tell you other than you did something wrong or your trying to down
      grade a 4s or 5 which he clearly said this will not work on.

    • FIEK

      I totally agree with you,i don’t know why do they say that ,without bloobs ?

      • formingus

        coz of clicking on their post , those should be banned from hear as spammers

  • Khixar27

    Its not working even with blobs on ipad 3 running ios 6.00
    Apticket error always..please suggest email etc anyone please…

  • Jbone007

    This post will work unless you have 5.1.1 and got jailbroken before also you haven’t save shsh. when you up to iso 6 then you can downgrade to 5.1.1 back even you have no save shsh. that is the technique of redsnow.

  • Zachary Pang

    Hi, I’m from ios 6.0.1 downgrade to 5.1.1, but it jump out an error window that “unexpected error (2601)”

  • Abdul majeed

    How to tethered jailbreak ipad 3 ios 6.0.0? Or can we skip this step?

  • sam

    when downgrading got msg expolit faild..!plz help me how to fix it?damn waiting for jailbreak and for downgrading but till both not……!:(

  • CoolDoctorD

    it keeps giviing me this message
    “To restore to firmware 5.1.1 on ipad2, the IPSW of any iOS 4.x firmware for which
    you have saved blobs is also required.”

    what do i do???? please help

    i have an ipad2 3g on ios 6.0.1

  • Scootie

    Keeps crashing redsnow …

  • Azizi Abd Rahman

    The title is misleading, and you should mention that this method will work on previously jailbroken devices.

  • Rodtney Hererra

    confirmed working on mine: update from 4.3.2 jailbroken (never updated before) to 5.1.1 (ipod touch 4g)

  • Jessy

    OMG!!! It wroked!! … After trying all the ways to restore to ios 5.1.1 from youtube, this is the only one worked!! .. Thank You Very Much!!!! :)

  • Alex Oggy

    How about Iphone 4 that ios 6.0.1 can downgrade or not?

    • pod2g

      Just wait a couple of months when evasi0n releases jailbreak.But dont update to 6.1.3 when it comes out in march

  • liv leanghour

    Could u tell me pls,, can ipad2 downgrade ios6.0.1 to iOS 5.1.1?if can,,How?thz q

  • Robby

    Mr. Kent, With all due respect, I did all you said on your video about downgrading to iOS 5.1.1 but when it was about to be finished, redsn0w gave me an error about “TSS server”; What can I do about it??? I’m trying to restore my iPhone 3GS from iOS 6.0.1 to IOS 5.1.1

  • alan

    I cant get redsn0w to recognise a 5.1.1 restore file what am I doing wrong?

  • demens

    thanks work perfect man

  • vbs169

    does it take a little bit more time on exploiting with Limera1n?

  • TheBlur

    my ipad 2 doesnt have shsh on 4.x ios.. how does i restore it?

    • dstsdfgtthtr

      i have the same problem and i think you can’t restore it because you don’t have shsh from 5.1.1 and there is no shsh from 6.0

  • dc_kay

    it works for me with iphone4 iOS 6.1.3 Baseband 04.12.05
    downgrade to iOS 5.1.1
    Many Thanks dude….

    • nadz

      how can eu tell meh???

    • arwin

      email me shsh blobs 5.1.1 thankyou in advance :)

  • WEEP

    just use tiny umbrella for the blobs then use redsn0w

  • Simon

    I have blobs but cant restore i coming to “waiting for reboot”

  • Simon

    the work on my IPod

  • Simon

    but dont work for my Iphone 4

  • Abdul Wahab Dhedhi

    I have 3gs sometime before i downgrade my phone from ios 6.1.2 it was untethered jailbreak to 4.1. Now i want to upgrade my phone to 5.1.1 i dnt have shsh blobs. Please help me can i update it by this procedure?

  • Tafhim Ahmed

    will it work in iphone 4 running 6.1.2 baseband 04.12.05?

  • Moacir Silveira Junior

    Hi all… I have one 3GS and IOS 6.1.3, and my first jailbreak (semitethered). I never jailbreake before, but I liek to downgrade to 6.1.2 or 5.1.1 for my jailbreak was untethered… How I do it without ANY shsh blob saved ????

  • pheng heng

    It work on iphone4s iOS 6.1.3 or not?(please help)thank

  • Elitegate

    What if you have NO SHSH BLOBS? Not even in Cydia.

  • pod2g

    You do need SHSH for this.I never jailbroken on 5.1.1 so i dont have this in Cydia.

    Screw this i will go and bomb the apple building and steal SHSH blobs from them

  • formingus

    are you blind or what ? why u say without shsh, damn rats losing our time for nothing

  • Han

    No one understands the number of problems I’m having right now. I can’t jailbreak tethered, I’m having errors with the SHSH blobs and ipsw, I really just need to get the tethered jailbreak. Once I do that, there shouldn’t be any problems. I have an iPod touch 4g iOS 6.1.3

  • saif

    it aint work any more as apple dont give away remote shsh blobs on there server any more for any of there devices so it will not work for sure

  • HKH

    Use “SHSH in Cydia” instead of “WIthout shsh blobs saved”

  • Anurag


  • HelpMePlease

    email me blobs for ipod4 I want to restore to 5 from 6

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