How To Jailbreak iOS 6.1.3 Using Redsn0w [Guide]

by Abdelrahman Mohamed on March 21, 2013

From a few days ago Apple released iOS 6.1.3 to the public which comes with some bugs fixes and improving Japan maps, and in our previous posts we’ve warned users not to update their devices to iOS 6.1.3 as they will not be able to downgrade back to iOS 6.x.x unless they’ve saved their SHSH blobs using TinyUmbrella, however we’ve made a guide for the users who accidently updated to 6.1.3.

Remember, this is a Tethered jailbreak and this guide only works with pre-A5 devices such as the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 4th-generation. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, newer devices like the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad and iPod touch 5th-generation cannot be jailbroken.

But in case you are still on  iOS 6.1.2, DO NOT update to iOS 6.1.3, or you will lose your untethered jailbreak. This tutorial applies to users of pre-A5 powered iOS devices only, who may have accidently updated to 6.1.3, or those developers who want to test their tweaks and apps on 6.1.3 for any future public untethered jailbreak release.


iPhone 4, iPod touch 4, iPhone 3G

Things which you will need:

So before we start our guide, this is a Tethered jailbreak and you will have to plug in your device into your computer every-time your device is rebooted/Respring.

STEP 1: Download iOS 6.0 for your iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch using the above link.

STEP 2: Download Redsn0w 0.9.15b3 from the above link and open it.

STEP 3:  Click on the visible Extras button and choose Select IPSW. Point Redsn0w to the unmodified iOS 6.0 IPSW you downloaded in step 1.

STEP 4: Now go back to Redsn0w main page, simple click on ‘Jailbreak’ and follow the easy on-screen instructions. When prompted, choose to install Cydia.

STEP 5: Now after you are being instructed, enter DFU mode with the help of the Redsn0w wizard.

If all has gone well, Redsn0w will now start doing its magic in the background: jailbreaking your device using the Limera1n exploit and installing Cydia in order for you to install and run third-party tweaks or packages. This process should not last more than just a few minutes.

 So did everything work with you in the right way ?
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  • SadJBUser

    Thanks for the brick

    • Ultrasn0w

      Well, Planetbeing said that Evasi0n jailbreak will be killed in iOS 6.1.3, and here’s the results.

  • picekr

    umnn 3g cant have 6.1.3 lol so its 3gs

  • bob

    4S on 5.0, can i put on 6.12 then evasion now?

    • DIA


  • mike9954

    My iphone 4 jailbreaks then boots up w no cydia then when I turn off n boot tethered w redsn0w I get a missing keys .plist data for this build. Can ne1 help?

    • Niels

      I get exactly the same result as you

  • Tim Ward

    at the end of everything i got this message missing Keys.plist data for this build please help

    • Alexander Chmurzynski

      me too , did you fix it

  • Jason Clark

    evasion isnt killed, they only patched 1 of the exploits they used

  • Jason Clark

    ok ………. no stars ???? has this worked for anyone

  • Kevin

    Fuck it!! I’ve repeated this guide 4 times and still no Cydia!!

  • Sean Paul

    This works!!! Greatness


    works Perfectly !!!!!!!!!! Recommended.

  • nothingxx much

    can this work for 4S iphone , did anyone try it ??

  • Balen Seeder

    Does it work on iPad 3 Wifi 6.1.3 ????? Answe pls :)

  • Extremedude013

    IT WORKED FOR Ipod 4G!

    • ongyrs

      i dont understand the message about having to go to “just boot” everytime. when must i use that?

      • Reginald

        when you reboot your phone you need to load the iOS 6.0 again in redsn0w then then go to “just boot” to have fully functionality in jailbreak iphone ..if you reboot your iphone then you wont “just boot” you cant open cydia and safari.

    • mr

      how to fix exploit failed error???

      every time i try it i encounter this error!!!
      :( (

      • Micheal Holt

        Try a different computer, that worked for me! But afterwards, I got the missing Keys.plist data for this build problem…

  • miauworld

    stucked on uploading first stage

  • Rmrz

    ok i did it and it work =) thanks i just have a question how it affects if it has a fixed bootroom or an older bootroom ?? i did it and i have a fixed ine and it work thnks =)

  • chanice

    i followed the instructiosn and it said done, loaded it no cydia. so then tried just boot and it said missing packages.. anyone any ideas?

  • Mecho

    hi guys , need help :

    I have iPhone 4 , iOS 5 , Jailbreak and Factory unlocked. I want to upgrade the iOS, Question is :

    What ios i can upgrade and also keep jailbreak?
    what software i can use to do this ?

    any help would be great :)

  • dorksbrigade

    works like a charm! thanks.

  • Don Griffin

    Gets stuck on “waiting for device”.

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